Corrosion Prevention Environmental Services Company


Main Office/HQ:
27201 Royalton Rd.Unit J
Columbia Station, OH 44028

Phone: 440-748-4042
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Corrosion Prevention Environmental Services is your nationwide independent Industrial Services Contractor with over 28 years experience working with food processing, aerospace, biomedical, manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, power plants and other leading industries.

Turn-key installation service of industrial floor systems, paint systems, containment, tank lining, epoxy coating & more! Call us today to talk to a specialist.
Industrial Floor Coatings
A Trusted Source for Industrial Coatings since 1984!

Flooring Systems: Anti-Static • Chemical-Resistant • Antimicrobial • Non-Slip • Decorative
Heavy Duty • Moisture Mitigating • Waterproof • USDA Approved • UV Resistant

Secondary Containment Systems • Tank Lining

Corrosion Control & Thermal Insulation Systems • Industrial Painting

Industrial: Food and Beverage Processing facilities, Chemical Plants, Metal finishing, Manufacturing, Electronics, Pulp & Paper, Battery & Power Plants
Commercial: Hospitals & Universities, Auto Dealers, Parking Structures & Restaurants


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