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CPES-Systems are the most durable on the market to protect concrete in harsh industrial environments. Tenacious surface adherence to most concrete protection products can be applied to 10-day-old or damp concrete. Most are 100% solids with low odor, enabling application during working hours to minimize downtime. More durable than concrete, withstanding loads and impact that would destroy uncoated concrete floors. All CPS floor coatings and toppings are VOC compliant.
Industrial Floor Coatings

Restoration • Surface Preparation • Installation

The day-in, day-out stress of a typical industrial environment will damage concrete floors:

• Expansion and contraction, common in concrete substrates, cause cracking
• Heavy equipment and loads cause shifting
• Process chemicals, caustic wash downs, solvents, or vehicle fluids cause corrosion

When floors deteriorate, other problems often follow:

• Safety concerns for employees and customers that walk, work, and drive on uneven and slippery surfaces
• Productivity issues from inefficient performance or injury resulting from poor surface maintenance
• Environmental problems from pollutants leaching through porous concrete, such as ground water contamination
• Non-compliance with federal, state and local government agencies


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