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Many Spill Prevention, Control & Counter-measure (SPCC) plans include concrete secondary containment systems. The purpose is to keep spills of hazardous materials confined to the property and out of storm water and ground water. Becuase concrete is porous, it is vulnerable to many chemicals and needs to be protected using an appropriate coating system. CPES has experiance with many containment lining projects, offering a turnkey service from knowledgeable coating selection to expert installation.
Secondary Containment Systems

Coating Selection
• Thin film and thich film systems
• Sprayed, rolled and trowel applied
• Polyurea Systems
• Fiberglass reinforced systems
• Chemical resistant systems

Surface Preparation
Diamond Grinding • Shot Blasting • Steam Cleaning • Crack Repair • Sand Blasting

System Installation
Concrete QC • Concrete Repair • Curb or Wall Installation


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